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Disconnect ep

In February of this year I released a 3 track ep titled ‘disconnect’.
You can check it out and purchase it on the shop page and you can read a bit about it on the discography page.disconnect cover 3000



Colour Theories track and mix

I have a new little project that I’ve started over on Mixcloud. It’s a conceptual playlist called Colour Theories.

Let me describe it.

Each playlist in the series will consist of 8 tracks: a ‘theme’ track which I’ve written and then 7 tracks by other artists ‘numbered’ not with digits but by the colour spectrum(ROYGBIV). Each song has something to do with that particular colour, either something in the title or that just the mood that the song gives me.

It’s a fantastic playlist, if I do say so myself, with tracks from Helios, Amman.Josh, Hammock, Moshimoss, Lowercase Noises, Stray Theories and Aural Method. So head on over to Mixcloud and give it a listen!

My Colour Theories track is now available in the shop.


*just a note – I have since deleted my account Mixcloud and thus the show no longer exists*




Transit is on CD!

I am extremely happy to announce that my very first full length album is now my very first physical CD!

It is a Limited Edition of 50 and includes the CD, 8 page booklet and a unique one-of-a-kind piece of artwork all packaged in a hand stamped and numbered envelope. It also contains 2 bonus tracks(‘equinox‘ & ‘in the decay of shadows(piano only)‘) only available on the CD.

It is on the local Toronto label Polar Seas Recordings run by Brad Deschamps and Mike Abercrombie of North Atlantic Drift. They are a couple of wonderful guys.

The CD is for sale on both the orbit over luna bandcamp page as well as the Polar Seas bandcamp page.

Below you can see a few examples of the artwork. Every one is different!




new ambient sketch video!

Hello all,
I had a bit of free time the other day so I decided to sit down and do another ambient sketch video. The piece was written rather quickly as the purpose of these videos is to be a bit more loose and improvisational then I usually am.

There are no swells this time, just a textured guitar sound that I created in Guitar Rig.


Thanks for watching!




new song: a cascade of trembling stars

I have a new track, ‘a cascade of trembling stars’, that I wrote specifically for the Moore Music compilation. The album was put together by David Mantel and is being used to raise funds for the victims of the devastating tornado that went through Moore Oklahoma in May 2013.

If you can donate please do on the album’s Noisetrade page.

I also designed the album cover.

Moore Music final