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Reviews for disconnect:

  • “Penner has a way of creating and combining sounds that I love … he is a craftsman and the craftsmanship of his output is evident for all to see. “Disconnect” is an exquisite EP that highlights Shannon Penner’s skill as a musician and is one I would recommend.”(Thomas Mathie)

Reviews for transit:

  • Just let the soft, unobtrusive trails of fluid sound flow over you, close your eyes and imagine you’re somewhere you want to be. This is truly beautiful stuff, for those who like your slowly uplifting droney ambience like Chihei Hatakeyama or the aforementioned Stars Of The Lid. Simple, thoughtful and subtle.”(Mike)

    ~Norman Records

  • The album is filled to the brim with the particular brand of ambient, guitar-orientated post-rock that I love and that Orbit Over Luna so eloquently presents.”(Thomas Mathie)

    ~Echoes and Dust

  • The album is largely quite serene and comforting, but it holds one’s attention as it weaves through a variety of sonic territories. I compare the album (as much as I like competitive sailing) to spending a delightful afternoon on a sailboat in the warm sunshine with gentle breezes and my hand occasionally creating a gentle wake in the water.”(Wajobu)


  • Slow post-rock soundscapes from Canada. “Transit” moves the mind along the periphery of other realms, deep within the subconcious, bringing dreamworlds into frame.”(Hilyard)

    ~Tone Harvest

  • “There is a serene energy to every piece and the album feels balanced throughout, never becoming dull or languid.”

    “…each one unfolds patiently like the resplendent and unhurried blooming of a flower.”(Brian Housman)

    ~Stationary Travels

  • “”Transit” features guitar-led drones and sustained notes … with melodies played using reverb … to create utterly delightful ambient soundscapes … the kind that draw you in and encompass you with their warmth and splendour.(Thomas Mathie)


  • “…it’s masterfully done. While mostly minor key and a little melancholy, the pieces also have a really sunny afternoon feel, the hazy tranquillity of a summer spent lying in the grass gazing up at wisps of clouds.(Allister Thompson)

    ~Make Your Own Taste

Reviews for 広島/宮島 – Hiroshima​/​Miyajima:

  • “By the end of the first track I find myself unwinding and letting go, getting carried away by the chimes and soothing ambient music. Towards the end of the album, I’ve forgotten about everything except the music” (Michael Thomas)

    ~Grayowl Point

  • “The music is a mixture of ambient/post-rock and is of the highest calibre. Not many artists can actually pull off this mixture of genres with great success. Orbit Over Luna seem to be able to strike a beautiful balance with the music, nice mix of soundscapes, guitars, rythmic percussion and a spattering of field recordings.” (Tom Laird)

    ~Fade to Yellow

  • “The truth is, it’s beautiful instrumental music, as delicate as the first flower aiming for the sun. Minor keys are transformed into major keys, in a victory of hope over despair, and peace over annihilation.” (James Catchpole)

    ~A Closer Listen

  • “this is an EP that should be experienced. The harmonics and ambience are a delight … but it is in the way Penner layers his sounds that he should be noted. He is very much of the Lowercase Noises school of post-rock … albeit his walls-of-sound help him to really stand out as his own man.” (Thomas Mathie)


  • “Each of the songs of of this EP exemplifies said characteristics, which makes for a very moving and detailed piece of work. The textures and details used in 広島/宮島 – Hiroshima/Miyajima are of a high calibre, and we can’t wait to see what this budding artists will have in store for us in the future.” (Phillip Yung)


  • “I was sold on this from track one and my ardour did not dissipate, it only grew. This is the kind of electronic/pop/ambient fusion music that just makes you feel really…good.”

    ~Make Your Own Taste

  • “Toronto-based artist orbit over luna delivers a starry night trickling into deceptively still waters on this self-composed and produced ambient track.  Part of a collection of EPs inspires by time spent in Japan, I’m enamoured with the tranquility of the work here.  I can hear nature and its beauty beneath the melodies and it evokes the spring sunshine that took a vacation for my wedding last week.” (Amber Waves)

    ~The Green Majority(OTM Blog)

Reviews for 京都​/​奈良 – Kyoto​/​Nara:

  • “Its been a journey, I realize now. Orbit over Luna have practically taken me to Japan. You can feel the influence in every track. They’ve taken us from Shrines to Gates to Districts (Ponchoto). All I can say is that, the journey was nice.” (Manan Kapoor)

    ~The Future Elements

  • “They say that our perception of reality is subjective, and while identical experiences can leave a variety of imprints on people with different mindsets, that is the beauty of an album such as this one. Penner tells us a story, of peace and quiet, of beauty that is all around us – and certainly it is in his music, which can be enjoyed if we have our eyes and ears open.” (John Kontos)

    ~A Closer Listen

  • “I won’t pretend that I’m deeply versed in the field of asian music, but it doesn’t take deep knowledge of either of those to realize just how deeply intertwined this music is with traditional japanese culture. The relaxing nature of this EP makes it a short yet sweet musical journey.”


  • “It is five perfect little moments put into music. You don’t need to have been there for the music to put you there. I don’t have a favourite track, I like them all. I think the sparse use of vocals in “Lost in the midst of all this beauty” is my favourite part though. It sounds like that moment when you discover something amazing. I will look forward to the new EPs with baited breath.”

    ~Tenacious Listening


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