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transit Ylla transit un jardin des cieux


transit is the first full-length LP by orbit over luna.

composed, performed & mixed by Shannon Penner
mastered by Michel de Jong : Arafúra Audio

released as digital download on July 25, 2013

released as Limited edition CD on March 10, 2014 by Polar Seas Recordings

©℗2013 Shannon Penner

Limited Edition CD

0002549084_10Edition of 50. Each package contains the CD in an 8 page booklet(hand-numbered) along with a completely unique piece of artwork(signed and numbered) in a hand-stamped and numbered envelope.

Each of the 50 pieces of artwork is different from others.

tran·sit  transitive verb \ˈtran(t)-sət, ˈtran-zət\


a : to pass over or through
b : to cause to pass over or through
: to pass across (a meridian, a celestial body, or the field of view of a telescope)
: to turn (a telescope) over about the horizontal transverse axis in surveying


Background notes:

track 1: the breathing of roots

the breathing of roots

Only 2 tracks of guitar recorded separately as experiments with no thought of a track at all. The ambient guitar opens the track and sets the texture with it’s subtle tremolo and panning elements. The second guitar comes in as a reverse loop.

track 2: saturnine


Solo guitar and one of the more melodic pieces on the album. Melancholy but with a twinge of hope.

track 3: chambers of the sea

chambers of the sea

“We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us… and we drown.”

~T.S. Eliot (The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock)

track 4: sungazing


We live in such a delicate balance with the sun. It sustains life. It nourishes. We would be nothing without the sun. And yet it is a dangerous force…

Warm drone texture. Solo guitar, multiple amp simulations.

track 5: Ylla



“She looked out at the pale desert. The twin white moons were rising. Cool water ran softly about her toes. She began to
tremble just the least bit. She wanted very much to sit quietly here, soundless, not moving until this thing occurred, this thing
expected all day, this thing that could not occur but might. A drift of song brushed through her mind.”

~Ray Bradbury (from the story “Ylla” in The Martian Chronicles)

One of my favourite books. It’s such a sad, melancholy social commentary.

track 6: un jardin des cieux

un jardin des cieux

Un jardin des cieux : a garden of skies.

Solo guitar. An exploration of the C major scale.

track 7: in the decay of shadows

in the decay of shadows

This piece started off as a solo guitar texture but upon some sort of inspiration I played some piano over top of it. Very loose and delicate. Like a shadow slowly dissolving in the soft morning light…


bonus CD only tracks:

In early 2014, Transit was released on Polar Seas Recordings as a limited edition CD. There were only 50 copies pressed and each one had it’s own unique piece of signed artwork.

There were 2 extra tracks on the cd that are not available in the download version. They are “equinox” and “in the decay of shadows(piano only)”.

Equinox is one of the more melodic pieces on the album. Something along the lines of saturnine and Ylla. It is a solo guitar track with lots of shimmering tones.

In the decay of shadows(piano only) continues the experimental nature of this album. I really like how the piano sounded in the full track and I thought I’d do something quite out of the ordinary for me. For an ambient musician, it’s funny but, I can sometimes get nervous of ‘quiet’. Most of my music, while being quite droney, can be rather dense sonically. I like to fill up the audio spectrum. With this track, I kind of feel like I’m revealing a part of me that is often hidden to myself.

It’s the spaces between the notes that really say something to me in this track. It’s probably the most open and raw piece of music I’ve ever released…


~a huge thanks to Michel de Jong (Arafúra) and Andrew Tasselmyer (The Sound of Rescue, Hotel Neon) for the inspiration!