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to draw a thousand breaths like clouds

to draw a thousand breaths like clouds


This is a track that I wrote specifically for the Hawk Moon Records compilation “Vol IV – A Minute of Your Time”. All proceeds from the album are being donated to Crohn’s & Colitis UK┬áso it’s a great cause.

Tom Honey(of Hawk Moon Records & Good Weather for An Airstrike) gave some interesting limitations for the submissions. Each track had to be 1 minute in length!

Well, I love a challenge so I set out to write something melodic and developed naturally. I discovered quickly that 60 seconds is not a lot of time for a typical song structure! So I ended up with an introduction and then 2 statements of the melodic idea. No time for a B section melody, but I think it works out quite nicely.

I’m proud to be involved with this.

You can buy the whole album here as a pay what you want: Hawk Moon Records Vol IV: A Minute of Your Time