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the wind alive like a heart beating the wind alive like a heart beating the wind alive like a heart beating the wind alive like a heart beating

the wind alive like a heart beating

Released in August 2012, this is orbit over luna’s 2nd official ep.

composed, performed and mixed by Shannon Penner
*except track 3 – composed by Erik Satie

©℗2012 Shannon Penner

Background Notes:

This ep is dedicated to the memory of a friend of mine, Seana, who passed away in May 2012 from ovarian cancer. She was 31 years old, which is in extremely young age to be diagnosed with this type of cancer.
She was an incredibly optimistic person. Kind hearted and caring. Her passing is a loss for the world.
All money raised from this ep will be donated to the Ovarian Society of Canada.

track 1: leave those dark thoughts behind you

01 dark thoughts

This piece was originally written in 2009 as a class project. I was in the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College and we needed to write and produce a song completely within the program Logic. I remember not getting the highest grade on the project, probably because it wasn’t as ‘pop’ as they wanted…

I still really liked the track years later so I decided to go back within the session and update a lot of the elements in it.

That is me singing in English and Japanese. Sorry – ごめん!

Hold my hand
Feel the air beneath your feet
Gravity has no effect on me

上の星 (ue no hoshi – stars above)
下の雲 (shita no kumo – clouds below)
見ること出来るか (miru koto ga dekiru ka – can you see?)

上の星 (ue no hoshi – stars above)

見ることが出来る。。。か (miru koto ga dekiru…ka – can you see?)

track 2: eyes open, embracing the world

02 eyes open

This track was actually one of the first tracks I wrote for 京都/奈良-Kyoto/Nara. I was listening to a lot of Arms & Sleepers at the time and this is what was coming out. Something a little more upbeat and a little funkier. As the first ep was progressing, it became quite evident that this piece was not fitting into the style that was developing so I put it away.

When the idea for this ep came along I thought it would be nice to dust it off and continue with it. Seana was a wonderful person. Always so full of positivity, even through her pain. I named this track specifically with her in mind. She embraced life and all those within it, with her whole being.

track 3: gymnopédie no. 1

03 gymnopedie

The original piece is written by Erik Satie in 1888. Satie is often cited as the originator of ‘ambient’ music and many ambient artists acknowledge his influence.

After hearing The Sound of Rescue doing a version of the track on their album, I decided to do a cover of the piece…orbit over luna style. As far as I could tell, except for a few jazz versions, most renditions of this piece stay quite close to the original.

Guitar swells, taiko, percussion and an extremely layered melody line(i think there may be around 7 instruments contributing to the melody). I’m not sure if Satie would have approved of the groove set up in the 2nd half of the track…

ool - wind alive NEW 1000
©℗2012 Shannon Penner