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like branches moved by the same wind like branches moved by the same wind like branches moved by the same wind

like branches moved by the same wind


This track is available for free at the link above.

electric guitar: Shannon Penner

©℗2012 Shannon Penner

Background notes:

This track was written with the express purpose of slowing down. The thing that tends to happen with my orbit over luna music is that I start going heavy on the layering. Layers of guitar, layers of texture, layers of percussion…

I wanted to really bring it back and write something quiet and, well, exposed. I tend to cover up a lot of details with the layers, so with this one I made a conscious effort to let the guitar shine through.

I love the sound of water. It is so calming. Being a sound designer, I have been accumulating a library of location sounds that I’ve personally recorded. There are 2 different locations here. One is the beach at night on Grand Cayman Island. Waves washing ashore, wind in the palm trees and insects chirping. The other location is a close up recording of water lapping against rocks in Niagara-on-the-Lake here in Canada.

The title is taken from the Pablo Neruda poem, “Night on the Island” from The Captain’s Verses.

“Perhaps very late

our dreams joined

at the top or at the bottom,

Up above like branches moved by the same wind,

down below like red roots that touch.”

like branches
music ©℗2012 Shannon Penner