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it seems a small thing

it seems a small thing


This track was one of my ambient experiments. This experiment involved using actual guitar pedals. Up until this point my ‘tone’ was all created ‘in-the-box’ so to speak. All of my effects and amps were programs like Guitar Rig or Amplitube. I decided to try using some real pedals and I thought it turned out quite well. The amp is still simulated but it’s going through a chain of pedals before hitting the computer.
This piece is a very gentle drone with no real tonal modulations or anything. Just an exploration of a major scale really. Kind of like what I did on ‘un jardin des cieux’ from Transit.

The track was originally released on Thomas Mathie’s netlabel ‘We Are All Ghosts‘ and it was used as a year end fundraiser for Hospice UK along with a myriad of other ambient musicians.

©2014 Shannon Penner