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composed, performed & mixed by Shannon Penner
mastered by Ian Hawgood

At the end of 2014 I decided I needed to take a break from releasing any music as Orbit Over Luna. Before that decision though I had started work on a few new tracks. These have lived with me throughout 2015 and have happened to become quite personal. As 2016 came rolling into view I felt the need to polish them off and release them. I think that they might be some of the best things that I have written and produced. I am certainly proud of them.

Background notes:

track 1: le bord de vision

This track incorporates a style of music that I have always loved: shoegaze. Big, thick swirly guitars that seem to overwhelm all the senses. I like contrast too as you can hear coming out of the huge bridge and directly into a delicate reverb-less acoustic guitar and banjo. Le bord de vision combines a lot of standard Orbit Over Luna fare: loads of melodic guitars & slightly unorthodox instrumentation.

track 2: sundog

One of my favourite drone tracks. I was playing around with my Strymon El Capitan and came up with some wonderfully warm and lush textures. All of this sitting on a bed of field recordings from my travels.

track 3: #fortheghosts

I got to know the documentary filmmaker, Liz Marshall a little bit while she was working on her film about the plight of animals trapped within the machine of our modern world. It is called The Ghosts in Our Machine. The subject matter is something that I deeply resonate with. There was a hashtag going around showing solidarity for these animals and I named this track after it. I highly recommend watching this documentary.

The title of this EP serves a few purposes. All of the tracks relate to things slightly, or not so slightly ‘apart’. Le bord de vision translates from French to “the edge of vision”. The peripheral – things there, but not in focus. A sundog is an atmospheric phenomenon also known as a mock sun or parhelia. They appear as bright spots on either side of the sun about 22º distant(often part of what is known as the 22º halo). It is light from the sun but refracted to the sides. The last track #fortheghosts is about animals, often in a dreadful existence, disconnected from humans because of the machine of our modern world.

The title also is an ironic contrast is how I feel about this music. These tracks are so intensely personal to me that it kind of made sense to name it something paradoxical.