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Colour Theories

Colour Theories


I came up with an idea for a conceptual mix series called Colour Theories. Here is my description from Mixcloud:

To me, sight and sound together form a deeper experience than each on their own. Hues, frequencies, tones, shades, dynamics, etc. – they all make up spectrums, either visual or audio.

This mix series endeavours to blur the lines a bit between them.

Each track, apart from the Colour Theories ‘theme’, represents a colour from the visual spectrum (ROYGBIV) and, to me, they conjure some sort of similarity to those colours.

I composed and recorded a ‘theme’ track that starts off the first mix, which can be found here on Mixcloud.

With this track I tried out a few things, while still retaining my sound. Included are all of the things that I like adding to my music like layers upon layers of world instrumentation (Guzheng, taikos, etc.) and lots of guitars.

The track differs a little bit in it’s subtle driving drum rhythm and the inclusion of some electronic beats in the second half. I also used a Lap Steel prominently in the second half, which was last used on ‘eyes open embracing the world’ from my second ep ‘the wind alive like a heart beating’. I love the sound of it.

There is also a violin and cello in there too, which I don’t think I’ve used yet in any of my OOL music.


The plan for my track is for it to be remixed/covered by other artists to be featured in upcoming Colour Theories mixes.