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a cascade of trembling stars a cascade of trembling stars

a cascade of trembling stars

composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Shannon Penner.
©℗2013 Shannon Penner

This track was written specifically for the Moore Music compilation put out by David Mantel(aka Naal). The album is raising funds for the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in May 2013. Please donate on the Noisetrade site if you can: Moore Music.

This music was written and recorded very quickly. From conception to finished master was around a day and a half. As some of you may know I was influenced a lot by the shoegaze and dreampop genres in the 90s. Bands like Cocteau Twins, Lush and Ride opened my eyes to a different kind of music that I immediately connected with.

This track is my personal take on that kind of sound. As such it is a little more intense than some of my more ambient music. I think you’ll still be able to hear my own style coming through though.

It contains lots of textures as usual…10 layers of guitars, 8 layers of percussion, 7 layers of melodic instruments…

I decided though to leave out the taiko drums that I usually have in most of my music and to feature a traditional Chinese instrument called the Erhu. I absolutely LOVE the sound of this instrument! I hear it all the time in Chinatown here in Toronto. It’s so expressive.

I also had the privilege to create the album art as well!

Moore Music final