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朝日 asahi(morning sun) 朝日 asahi(morning sun)

朝日 asahi(morning sun)


This track was written specifically for the Elements 02 compilation put out by The Future Elements. It’s completely free to download and I suggest doing it! There are some amazing artists on there. Get it here!

asahi full3

cover art

I wanted to keep it slow and very open sounding. I found some great ambience that I recorded one morning in Daigo-machi in Japan. It was such a beautiful scene with the sun and the mountains and the insect chorus was so pretty.

Morning in Daigo-machi


That is the underlying soundscape to this piece.
I then proceeded to add 9 layers of guitar, 3 layers of percussion(including my beloved taiko) and 5 layers of melodic instruments.

The result may not be quite as ‘open’ as I was initially intending, but I think somehow there is a space within the density.