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new ambient sketch video!

Hello all,
I had a bit of free time the other day so I decided to sit down and do another ambient sketch video. The piece was written rather quickly as the purpose of these videos is to be a bit more loose and improvisational then I usually am.

There are no swells this time, just a textured guitar sound that I created in Guitar Rig.


Thanks for watching!




transit and an ambient sketch

There has been lots going on lately! Last week I released my very first full length album of ambient music called transit. Check it out if you get a chance. So far I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback on it so I guess people are connecting with the songs.

There are also a couple new reviews of transit up on the press page. Wonderful words. I am truly humbled.

I also just put up a new ambient sketch video on my YouTube page, but you can see it from the new videos page on this website. It’s a fun little piece using multiple delays in Guitar Rig.





Transit teaser video

Hey everyone! I made a teaser video for my new album ‘transit’ coming out July 25, 2013.

It features the song ‘the breathing of roots’ which is the first track off of the album.

I even messed up a couple times…I was a bit nervous…

transit teaserorbit over luna – transit teaser




New video

Hey everyone! I don’t really play live so for the moment this is the closest thing to it.

I’m playing the main acoustic guitar part from the song Hiroshima: City of Peace (広島:平和の都市) which can be found on Read more…