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Transit teaser video

Hey everyone! I made a teaser video for my new album ‘transit’ coming out July 25, 2013.

It features the song ‘the breathing of roots’ which is the first track off of the album.

I even messed up a couple times…I was a bit nervous…

transit teaserorbit over luna – transit teaser




new album coming soon!

I’ve been working with the super talented Michel de Jong from Arafura who’s been doing some mastering on the next orbit over luna release. I’m really liking what I’m hearing. He is adding a layer of wonderfulness to the tracks and I’m getting really excited about it!

So within the next few weeks I will be releasing the very first orbit over luna full-length album!

Stay tuned for artwork and track listings…




in the works…

Recently I’ve started a new job that has been keeping me extremely busy, so I haven’t been able to work on much in the way of music. Going through some of my files though, I found some experiments that I did with no release in mind. Just textural experiments with no agenda.
In collecting some of these together I think I’ve found a side of my music that I really like and will be releasing them soon as the first orbit over luna full length release!

It is very slow and contemplative. I hope you will like it.

More coming soon.




new track on Elements 2 compilation

I have a new track coming out this Monday and I’m honoured to have it on the second compilation album from The Future Elements. The album, Elements 2, will be released for free.

The track is called “朝日asahi(morning sun)”.

Stay tuned!





first ‘interview’!

orbit over luna has now been included in 7 Questions series by Thomas Mathie(Headphonaught)!

I answered 7 questions about what Read more…



First review…

The first review for 広島/宮島-Hiroshima/Miyajima is now in thanks to Phillip Yung from!

Check it out here.

Also I’ve added a “Press” page with excerpts Read more…



広島/宮島 – Hiroshima/Miyajima is now available!

I am super excited to announce that orbit over luna’s 3rd official ep, and the 2nd in the Japan series: 広島/宮島 – Hiroshima/Miyajima is now available! Read more…