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If All We Have is Now

I am very excited to have my latest single “If All We Have is Now” available in the OOL store! It was originally composed to be part of a charity compilation on HawkMoon Records at the end of 2016.

I have made just a couple tweaks to the mastering since then and the newer version is available here.




The Broken Light Show interview

A few weeks back I was interviewed by my friend David Mantel for his podcast “The Broken Light Show”.

It’s my first ever audio interview, and as I’m not very good at, well…talking, I fumble around a lot – BUT, I do think that there are some good and important things that we discussed! Things like the value of art in the current paradigm and how I feel that giving away ‘free’ music often undermines it’s own perceived value.

It was a great time and you can hear it on his podcast here: The Broken Light Show

Go ahead and subscribe while you’re at it! There are some great artists like Andrew & Michael Tasselmyer(Hotel Neon, The Sound of Rescue) & Andy Othling(Lowercase Noises) in other episodes. My interview is in episode 4.




Colour Theories track and mix

I have a new little project that I’ve started over on Mixcloud. It’s a conceptual playlist called Colour Theories.

Let me describe it.

Each playlist in the series will consist of 8 tracks: a ‘theme’ track which I’ve written and then 7 tracks by other artists ‘numbered’ not with digits but by the colour spectrum(ROYGBIV). Each song has something to do with that particular colour, either something in the title or that just the mood that the song gives me.

It’s a fantastic playlist, if I do say so myself, with tracks from Helios, Amman.Josh, Hammock, Moshimoss, Lowercase Noises, Stray Theories and Aural Method. So head on over to Mixcloud and give it a listen!

My Colour Theories track is now available in the shop.


*just a note – I have since deleted my account Mixcloud and thus the show no longer exists*




I’ve sold out!

…of MY batch of Transit CDs!

So you can’t get any more from me personally, but the remainder of the edition of 50 is still available at the Polar Seas Recordings’ bandcamp page:



So if you still want one, head on over there to get it.


People who have received them have been posting photos on twitter with the hashtag: #mylunartransit

I’ve also been posting the photos on my Facebook page as well if you’d like to see them.


Thanks everybody!





Transit is on CD!

I am extremely happy to announce that my very first full length album is now my very first physical CD!

It is a Limited Edition of 50 and includes the CD, 8 page booklet and a unique one-of-a-kind piece of artwork all packaged in a hand stamped and numbered envelope. It also contains 2 bonus tracks(‘equinox‘ & ‘in the decay of shadows(piano only)‘) only available on the CD.

It is on the local Toronto label Polar Seas Recordings run by Brad Deschamps and Mike Abercrombie of North Atlantic Drift. They are a couple of wonderful guys.

The CD is for sale on both the orbit over luna bandcamp page as well as the Polar Seas bandcamp page.

Below you can see a few examples of the artwork. Every one is different!




Transit CD in the works…

Hey everyone!

I am excited to announce that soon I will be releasing Transit, my first full length album on CD! It will be put out on Polar Seas Recordings, a local Toronto label run by Brad Deschamps and Mike Abercrombie of North Atlantic Drift. They just released their latest album, which you should check out as well. These guys are good!

I’ll let you know more in the next little bit, but it will contain 2 extra tracks! One piano only version of ‘in the decay of shadows’ and a brand new track ‘equinox’.

I’m working on some unique artwork at the moment for the release.

Stay Tuned!





I’m in a podcast!

I woke up this morning finding out that one of my tracks ‘in the decay of shadows’ has been included in a podcast mix by Micah of Stray Theories!

There are some amazing tracks included in the mix, some by my musical heroes!

So wonderful to be included in this.


I highly encourage you to check it out here.








Transit is now on iTunes

Yes, transit, the first orbit over luna full length album is now up on iTunes worldwide! As well as all of the other places like emusic and spotify and the like.




Featured artist and interview!

Tom Laird from the wonderful Fade to Yellow show has been a steadfast supporter of orbit over luna from the beginning. I’m extremely honoured that he has chosen me to be the featured artist on the latest cloudcast of his show! He plays 1 track from each of my 4 releases

You can listen to it here: Fade to Yellow

If you haven’t heard his show I highly recommend that Read more…



transit and an ambient sketch

There has been lots going on lately! Last week I released my very first full length album of ambient music called transit. Check it out if you get a chance. So far I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback on it so I guess people are connecting with the songs.

There are also a couple new reviews of transit up on the press page. Wonderful words. I am truly humbled.

I also just put up a new ambient sketch video on my YouTube page, but you can see it from the new videos page on this website. It’s a fun little piece using multiple delays in Guitar Rig.