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2014 August



Colour Theories track and mix

I have a new little project that I’ve started over on Mixcloud. It’s a conceptual playlist called Colour Theories.

Let me describe it.

Each playlist in the series will consist of 8 tracks: a ‘theme’ track which I’ve written and then 7 tracks by other artists ‘numbered’ not with digits but by the colour spectrum(ROYGBIV). Each song has something to do with that particular colour, either something in the title or that just the mood that the song gives me.

It’s a fantastic playlist, if I do say so myself, with tracks from Helios, Amman.Josh, Hammock, Moshimoss, Lowercase Noises, Stray Theories and Aural Method. So head on over to Mixcloud and give it a listen!

My Colour Theories track is now available in the shop.


*just a note – I have since deleted my account Mixcloud and thus the show no longer exists*